Courtney Barnett Sea of Split Peas


Recently, I picked up this album at my favourite vinyl record shop, the Orange Monkey in Waterloo, after hearing Courtney singing over the speakers there. I enjoy female singer/songwriters and immediately bought the double LP ’Sea of Split Peas’.

Taking it home, the experience of listening to the entire record was pleasant, funny, intriguing and rather different, all in all.

Before the second play through, I had already used the free download card that came in the jacket and that’s what I’m listening to now as I write this.

Her delivery reminds me of Dylan in that she’s a wordsmith with lyrics and is done in the same distant style as Dylan uses.

Well… you be the judge. Here are songs 1, 3 and 10 on that double album:


Shameless plug for the Orange Monkey:

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2 Responses to Courtney Barnett Sea of Split Peas

  1. kinneret says:

    Very pretty voice. Reminds me of Lana Del Rey.(just the voice). As you are from Canada, are you familiar with Anna Domino? She cut a couple of records in the 1980s and she has an absolutely gorgeous voice– a low alto torchsong voice. Some of her songs I liked were 16 tons (cover), and Land of My Dreams.

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