Tim Schmalz’s Jesus sculpture.


“TORONTO — A southern Ontario artist says he’s “very, very happy” that his homeless Jesus sculpture is being used to help the most marginalized people in society.
Tim Schmalz’s sculpture depicting a homeless Jesus sleeping under a blanket on a park bench was unveiled a week ago in downtown Buffalo, N.Y., and has already prompted people to leave money, food and other items.
The bronze statue was unveiled last Tuesday outside St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, which collects the items each day and donates them to a local organization that helps the homeless.”


Interesting concept certain to raise a few questions. The artist is from St. Jacobs, Ontario, which is a well-known Amish/Mennonite community.

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3 Responses to Tim Schmalz’s Jesus sculpture.

  1. Heartafire says:

    when I think of the homeless and disenfranchised my heart sinks, surely in this wealthy country there is an answer.

    • masqua says:

      There is definitely an answer, but I doubt it will effectively come from our politicians, though they do talk but don’t add the walk. Instead, it needs to come from citizens, from people who do not just walk by, but take an interest in giving a helping hand in whatever way they can. There are no easy answers either..

  2. plankpacer says:

    I teach Art History to high school students and we looked at this sculpture not long after it hit the news. I think the concept is brilliant and the fact that so many have been moved to give–be it in the form of money or other gifts–shows that the human race is not inherently self-serving.

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