Jennifer Castle – Singer/Songwriter


Last night was special in many ways. The venue, Jane Bond, is a small place tucked away in a side street of downtown Waterloo, Ontario. The poster above is, besides being a very nice artist’s rendition, an accurate portrayal. The kitchen there, I’m told, is very good, but last night no menu was available since they don’t serve on Sunday nights.

The decor inside somehow reminded me of the Jetsons… clean, open, but yet very intimate. The audience, mostly in the 20-40 year old range, was quiet and attentive. In the hour prior to the entertainment beginning, my wife and I talked to people we’d never met before and the aura of the place took on a very friendly atmosphere.

Opening on stage was Will Kidman, of Constantine fame, playing electric guitar accompanying his soft evocative voice. Quirky riffs expertly picked by this seasoned musician was the perfect mood setter for the audience last night.

Then Jennifer Castle took the stage.

As well as listening carefully to a number of songs from her recent album (Pink City) which has garnered so much acclaim, I also took note of the audience’s response and I can vouch for their rapt concentration. I saw no cameras and little conversation over drinks. Each tableful of people listened as if transported by this versatile musician. I think the word might even be ‘mesmerized’.

Overall, a very worthwhile event to have been a part of. Jennifer Castle and Will Kidman both surpassed all my expectations in their live performances. Higher praise I can’t give.

On a side note, at the same address above Jane Bond is the best source for vinyl records outside of Toronto… the Orange Monkey. If they don’t have it, they will find it for you and the testament to that was their quick resourcefulness in obtaining a rare, unopened 1966 Mulatu Astatke pressing for me. Not an easy feat.

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  1. estemarks says:

    WOW! And I spent my last few nights in bed watching YouTube videos. Cool šŸ™‚

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