Negative Space


I want to get back into drawing again and have purchased a blank page book with good quality paper and removable pages, This, and the preceding post are the first of what I hope will make an interesting series.

I’m not a believer in immediately going to drawing the object itself. Rather, I try to fill in those spaces where the object is not. These two drawings are of the most recognizable objects to a human being… a simple body in the preceding drawing and a face in this one. The purpose is to work out more detailed negative spaces, such as profiles or sitting poses while never actually working on the spaces where the body should be.

Why is this important? To me, it helps the artist decide where the subject(s) should be within the confines of the borders. Working with negative space sharpens our ability to visualize what should exist and where before moving on to the object of the work itself.

Besides… it’s fun. 😀

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1 Response to Negative Space

  1. Lisa says:

    good stuff… 🙂

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