Dogsled Team – Yellowknife


The Northwest Territories in Canada is an amazing place for the unique and unusual and the dogsled races are no exception to that trend. The dogs are nearly wild, having the genetic markers for wolves. They are ferocious and not pets at all. During the short summer months they live on islands in a bay of Great Slave Lake and are fed fish by their owners. Anyone else stopping by on those islands had better bring a goodly amount of fish with them or they themselves would provide the meal. 🙂

I lived in Yellowknife for a couple of winters and will never lose the sense that I ‘belonged there’. It’s true that once you’ve livd there, a piece of your heart will stay behind if you leave.

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3 Responses to Dogsled Team – Yellowknife

  1. Fascinating information about the dogs! I would love to see that area. It’s great you found a place where your heart lives!

    • masqua says:

      There are three influences which made Yellowknife such an amazing place to live. The first is the immensity of the area. It’s huge. The town is a tiny smudge on the landscape and anyone venturing out into the surrounding woods goes where few have ever walked.

      The second is nature itself. While living there, I’ve seen wild wolf packs running through the streets. Nature is ever at your very door.

      The third is community. In a small town where the closest city is hundreds of miles and a days drive away, people are drawn together like nowhere else. That is an unforgettable experience.

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