Sytse – A wedding

When Sytse returned from the failed mission in Indonesia, he moved from his place of birth to the small city of Deventer in Northeastern Holland.


Deventer is where he met a young actor named Toos (in the front row left, looking away from the camera). The photo is of a cast in a play.


Here is a better photo of Toos:


Things progressed quickly and the two were married.


Now Sytse became the new member of a large family.


He had come from a small village where he was the eldest son of a minister and he had expected to follow his father’s steps into the ministry as well. This was tradition after all. But Sytse had survived and bore the scars of two wars within a decade. Although he was still very religious, he turned his eyes instead to Toos and her more secular family, where the ties to the church was not as strong and some members even had moved away from it entirely.

With his formal education in farming, he turned his focus from the country he had hoped to work (Indonesia) to another… Canada, and that’s where he placed their future.

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