Sytse – Off to War (again)


Once again, because Sytse is still in the Dutch Army in 1946, he boards a troop ship to fight for the preservation of the Dutch Colony in Indonesia. The spices from these islands are, of course, a great source of wealth that enriched the merchants of Holland. The government, naturally, is loathe to cede control. Speaking personally, I’ve never been fond of methods used by colonists, but this is not a series of posts about me. Suffice it to say I prefer to at least seem neutral. For information on the rebellion, perhaps it’s best to just suggest readers to search information.

With him at the rail of the ship are two Indonesians who are compatriots in the fight to come. Perhaps they are more aware of the serious nature the conflict will turn out to be since their expressions do not show much eagerness in comparison to Sytse. They will be proven right to look so dour.

On the journey south, an important and memorial to another Great War is passed. I’m sure no-one viewing it would be puzzled as to where it is located.


After what must have been an extremely long journey, Sytse finally arrives in a country vastly different in geography, climate and culture from the Lowlands of Europe.


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