Blizzard – Day 2


Caught in the current Arctic Vortex, the blizzard conditions in SW Ontario continue overnight and into its second day with little sign of abatement. Although the snow has stopped falling, what we now face are lake effect snows off Lake Huron. The temperature outside is -25 Cels and, factoring in the wind chill, feels like -40. I went outside for a bit to clear some snow and get into my car in case we need to get out (for some unforeseen reason). It did start and warmed up nicely, so I’m thankful for that, but wonder if the roads are at all passable. I doubt it.

Hunkering down for another 24 hours.

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10 Responses to Blizzard – Day 2

  1. mehrlich125 says:

    Oh my, I hope you have lots of hot chocolate in your cabinets. Stay warm! Stay safe! In Boston we are 12 degrees F.

    • masqua says:

      We’re good as far as creature comforts go. My wife and I have been through such ‘inconveniences’ many times in the past. The best plan today is to stay inside and only go out to clear a bit of snow drifting and make sure the car keeps on starting.

  2. Morgan says:

    I feel for you. It is sub zero here too…and I had to drive to work this morning (40 minutes) with no heat! Stay In, Stay Warm!

  3. sefeniak says:

    I get cold just looking at your images. No more whining from me about winter in BC!

  4. Ouch!!! We did not get the blizzard part…stay safe- and warm!!

  5. Brrrr! That would make me so miserable.

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