The anticipated blizzard has arrived.

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13 Responses to Blizzard

  1. Wow, that’s incredibly poor visibility! On the bright side, tomorrow should be a great day to go snowshoeing or cross country skiing!

  2. Morgan says:

    Holy Garbanzo Beans…Seriously! ?? 😮 Stay Warm!

    • masqua says:

      Yes… seriously. By the looks of things, it could be like that (off and on) for 24 hours. Hope the shovel lasts. 😉

      • Morgan says:

        Hope your back and arms last! You may look like Popeye before its over 😮

      • masqua says:

        Actually, I’m fairly used to these kinds of storms. The best method is to forget about everything to do with travelling and take as long as I want to dig out the car. When a blizzard hits, it can last for days and I think this one is going to go on for at least a couple more.

        So… no hurry. Can’t drive anywhere anyways. 😀

      • Morgan says:

        as good an excuse as any to stay in bed, snuggled in and drink hot cocoa til you see chocolate 🙂

  3. Been there, done that…. yesterday : ) Now it’s brutally cold. Best of luck with the snow removal…

  4. mehrlich125 says:

    Wow, I was driving this morning and it looked just like your picture. I could hardly see to drive. Crazy weather we are all having! Stay warm & safe.

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