Ice Age Cometh


A ‘before’ image… before the first major snowstorm of winter hits tonight. It will last around 24 hours. Yay!!! 😀

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9 Responses to Ice Age Cometh

  1. Morgan says:

    Thats a wee bit of snow 😮

  2. Lisbet says:

    Even before the storm this picture tells a story to those of us experiencing 40+Celsius heat today in Australia. A world of contrasts in so many ways. A beautiful photo.

    • masqua says:

      40+ is crazy hot. Strangely enough, I had been wondering what the weather was like in the Australia summer. I even searched on Google today to see what was happening. Now I know. 😀

  3. Looks beautiful! I’ve never seen that much snow with my own eyes!

    • masqua says:

      Watch for tomorrow’s post. I’m betting there’ll be twice that… if I can even see out of my window. High winds, snow squalls and -11Cels temps are expected. Not a good forecast for a drive through the countryside.

      • I’m from a small island that doesn’t get much snow but we are currently being battered by ten foot waves! So not much going out here either – keep warm and looking forward to see the snowy pictures!

      • masqua says:

        I’ve heard the Atlantic has been quite bumpy as of late. I’ll stay warm if you’ll stay dry. 😀

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