This article helps to buttress my own personal perception on the importance of art within any particular society and the human race as a whole. It’s not a long read, but Aidan Ware hits all the important facets.

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Aidan ProfileToday, I had the privilege of giving a talk at the Rotary Club of Festival City titled ART MATTERS and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some aspects of my presentation and to explain exactly why art matters to us – to our communities and cities, to our countries, and to our collective future.

Recently I read the article For Art Lovers, Detroit is a Tale of Two Citiesin The Washington Post by Philip Kennecott which discusses Detroit’s move to have their art collection appraised as just another physical asset of their bankrupt City:

 “Art, is not an essential asset and especially not one that is essential to the delivery of services in the city,” said FGIC managing director Derek Donnelly.

Yet, when we consider art’s role in our societies – as the definition of invention – as the progenitor of all new ideas, forms, and functions – we realize that art has always…

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