The image above is a detail of a larger painting which I’ll post later.

Painted at a time of high stress, this type of detailed work helped me through the darkness. Its complicated arrangement of lines and fields of thick paint require a focussed mind… so focussed that the left brain is completely occupied with the design that the right brain is allowed to figure out the real life problems I needed to face. Answers to crisis of the heart do not easily come from logical, linear thinking and the unconscious must be allowed to surface so that primal instinct and empathy may play a part through such meditative undertakings.

Each time (in my life) that crises of a sensitive nature have evolved, such as dealing with sickness or a death in the family, I have gone to similar extremes in my art.

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10 Responses to Concern

  1. Juli says:

    I really appreciate what you’ve said here…that is, occupying the left brain with a creative problem to allow the right brain to do some intuitive problem solving of its own. Thank you for sharing your process here…

    • masqua says:

      You understand completely.

      I’ve found that the process has a better outcome the more detailed the constraints that I put upon myself are.

      Once the lines are laid down, usually by pencil and ruler, the ‘filling in’ with multiple layers of paint becomes mere ‘make work’, predetermined and requiring no more conscious thought beyond alternating colours.

      It frees that part of me normally forced to the side by conscious decision-making.

  2. Nice painting. I like the red/gray contrast. For myself, I am called to move in the opposite direction toward a more loose, fluid handling of paint. To everything there is a season.

    • masqua says:

      There certainly is a season for everything and whatever those times bring, I give back through my paintings/drawings. I think it’s inevitable that it shows through and that it cannot be helped. Different strokes for different hopes. 🙂

  3. simonhlilly says:

    Can smell and taste this painting, very solid, like an embossed leather book cover……

  4. chrisfrancz says:

    Art is therapy for me too. This is coming along great.

  5. offshoots12 says:

    nice work. great that it helps you work through stressful times.

  6. CherieRose says:

    Yes, such deep concentration becomes meditative.
    This detail of your painting is very beautiful. I look forward to seeing the larger painting.

  7. unsaintly says:

    I never really thought of that, or maybe I had but was too concentrated on what I was doing 😉 ..either way. I loved the thought and concept. Just following along the lines is akin to the zen garden of drawing the lines in the sand..even if you aren’t the one drawing, you can gain the same sense of relaxation by following along with this beautiful piece.

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