Frigid Dawn


A clear day dawning at around -15 Celsius. It seems winter has come a month early here in Perth County. Yesterday, the streamers of snow off Lake Huron made driving a true hazard. At times, I could not see past the hood of my car and that isn’t a good thing, is it?

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5 Responses to Frigid Dawn

  1. Looks chilly. I always feel like hibernating in winter, like a squirrel.

  2. Lisbet says:

    Sometimes I wished we had snow here in Queensland so I could take lovely photos like this one.

    • masqua says:

      If you had to shovel it daily, you might lose a bit of that desire for the snow. Today has seen second substantial amount come down and, looking at the radar shots for Eastern Canada, it certainly seems the worst is yet to come over the next two days… but I also think it’s pretty to look at. 🙂

  3. For me, -15 Celsius is too much 🙂

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