Artists I Admire – Selwyn Dewdney


Don’t ask me why I like his work.


I don’t know any logical reason why I would like it.


I just like it.


A man of many talents…


Writer, explorer, historian, painter… what can I do other than celebrate a man who gave so much to the world?

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3 Responses to Artists I Admire – Selwyn Dewdney

  1. why do you like his work so much?

    • masqua says:

      The totality of his work interests me… for one thing, his literary efforts have had an important impact on me. Professional studies like ‘The Sacred Scrolls of the Southern Ojibway’ and ‘Indian Rock Paintings of the Great Lakes’ are works which will only grow more important as the decades roll on. Dewdney was a visionary who understood something severely lacking even today; if the powers of government ever to come to terms with First Nations in any meaningful way, then it is imperative that it becomes a true two-way discussion rather than the centuries-old ‘dominance ideal’ which, while faltering, is still obviously in play today. Dewdney was a forerunner to the ideas of such contemporary writers as Thomas King, John Ralston Saul and Joseph Boyden.

      His paintings? I enjoy viewing them as they reflect the freedom I so much enjoy in my own work. I get the feeling he painted as he wished, regardless of what others may think of them and that, I assure you, is what I do too. I don’t care if I ever sell any one of my works as long as my friends and relatives are pleased enough to hang them on their walls.

      There is far more to Selwyn Dewdney than the above accolades and, for exploring that, I’d suggest the search engine of your choice.

  2. neelseen says:

    Very nice and enjoyable! I like it.

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