Huntsville – Jewel of the Near North


Located at the northern end of Highway 35 is the town of Huntsville. It was there, in 1968, that I had the pleasure of seeing Sly and the Family Stone perform, which, of course, is a most memorable occasion. The town boasts the Hidden Valley Ski Resort, which was the venue for Sly’s band.

The scene above is indicative of the pervasive silence which reigns once the summer ends. No more boats and Sea-Do’s, no more throngs with sandals and cameras… just lovers and locals.

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3 Responses to Huntsville – Jewel of the Near North

    • masqua says:

      They were so memorable that little events and bits of that concert float around in my consciousness to this day. I can remember who was with me, how they responded to the band and the fun we all had driving back to Carnarvon after the dance. Best of all was the moment Sly asked me where the bathrooms were located. LOL

      Unforgettable times.

      That was also the year Jimi Hendrix made the scene with his new ‘Experienced’ vinyl album which, btw, I still have the original copy of. ’68 was my ‘Summer of Love’.

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