Particle Collision #6 – Bubble Chamber


So, wth is a bubble chamber? I was checking out some more information online about those lovely tracks and became curious in how they were exposed to a camera. Here’s the basic Wiki explanation:

The bubble chamber is similar to a cloud chamber in application and basic principle. It is normally made by filling a large cylinder with a liquid heated to just below its boiling point. As particles enter the chamber, a piston suddenly decreases its pressure, and the liquid enters into a superheated, metastable phase. Charged particles create an ionisation track, around which the liquid vaporises, forming microscopic bubbles. Bubble density around a track is proportional to a particle’s energy loss.

Going further, I found some interesting Youtube videos and various articles via search engines and decided that such information could be displayed as a background, so that’s what I did.

Here is a closer look at the finished work:


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