Goderich – Two Years After the F3 Tornado


Visiting Goderich yesterday, I was struck by how much things had changed from a year ago, which was when I last posted about the restorations after the F3 tornado tore apart the centre of this lovely town.

This is an image from last year:


Most of the old trees had to be replaced, roots and all, as you can see above, but, as a few stumps were salvageable, they were carved instead of removed:


A few new monuments were installed:


While others which survived were lovingly cleaned:


Goderich is a beautiful town with many historical buildings carefully maintained, a wonderful beach and a population which cherishes its marine past as it has one of the finest (and busiest) harbours on the Lake Huron shoreline. If you’ve ever a notion to visit Ontario, then a few summery days in that small town is very much a smart move. If you go this September, be sure to drop into the Goderich Co-op Gallery to see a display of 15 of my paintings.

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One Response to Goderich – Two Years After the F3 Tornado

  1. Great to see people getting back on their feet again and making the most of what remains. The carved tree stumps are a wonderful idea.

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