Morning Glory


Good morning, Bloggers.

Happy Tuesday

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9 Responses to Morning Glory

  1. Morgan says:

    Have a wonderful day! Thanks for the Glory 🙂

  2. Pam says:

    love the composition of your first shot – so beautiful!

    • masqua says:

      Thanks. I took it facing into the bright morning light (no cloud, but the subject was in shadow) and used the flash. I was really amazed at what the inexpensive Nikon D3100 is capable of with a 50mm lens.

  3. sefeniak says:

    A very striking image!

  4. taphian says:

    wow, that’s stunning

  5. hereisandrea says:

    A beautiful capture!

    • masqua says:

      Thanks… I’ve been enjoying these flowers every dawn and never tire of looking at them. Last night, we had a mild frost, so the days are numbered, unfortunately.

      Time to pick seeds.

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