The Wilma


Living between three of the Great Lakes for 60 years has made me familiar with the standard commercial fishing boats that have plied their waters for most of a century. The Wilma is one of those fine vessels.

The marine weather is an ever-present problem for those brave souls who work on them, because they go out when no normal sport fisherman would even contemplate visiting the harbour. I’ve seen them push out through broken ice in December and wondered if the ice pack would be too thick for them to come back in again.

I painted the Wilma on what might be interpreted as a ‘mild, rainy day’ in the spring.

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5 Responses to The Wilma

  1. Very nice-I’ve been varnishing a circa 50’s Vancouver Island Mission boat. You can see a lot of history in wood grain.

    • masqua says:

      I love the lines that hulls have. They’re beautiful (mostly) and appeal to me as being very feminine in shape. I imagine 60plus years of use does give the woodwork a nice patina. 😀

  2. hereisandrea says:

    So very nice. You have a wonderful talent!

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