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7 Responses to Wildflowers

  1. bdh63 says:

    Everywhere we look, such beauty!

  2. tina5458 says:

    Peek a boo! Very sweet lil’ posies!

  3. One of my favorite flowers. Nice photo.

  4. masqua says:

    I’m glad you all liked the pic. Wildflowers can be amazingly interesting and yet, moost who see them daily rarely give them a second look. Last year, we allowed a Buttercup to grow to its full extent even though it had come up in our lawn. Hundreds of deep yellow flowers were produced on that single plant and, if letting it grow last year is any help, it should even be bigger this year. I’ll take a shot of it when it’s ready.

  5. icelandpenny says:

    It’s lovely! We gain so much when we respect and enjoy wildflowers instead of rejecting them. You have to look closely (as you did) — and often very quickly as well, since many have only a brief moment of bloom in our pell-mell spring.

  6. artscottnet says:

    A beautiful post as usual 🙂 Always looking forward to the next ~Scott

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