Up From the Skies

Decided to play the 1967 Hendrix – Axis Bold as Love LP on my turntable and, while reading the lyrics on the inside cover, it struck me as being a little prophetic.

Edited to add: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2013/05/12/carbon-dioxide-pollution-milestone.html

Up From the Skies

I just want to talk to you. I won’t do you no harm,
I just want to know about your different lives, on this here people farm.

I heard some of you got your families, living in cages tall & cold,
And some just stay there and dust away, past the age of old.
Is this true? Please let me talk to you.

I just want to know about, the rooms behind you minds.
Do I see a vacuum there, or am I going blind?
Or is it just remains from vibrtions and echoes long ago,
Things like ‘Love the World’ and ‘Let your fancy flow’,
Is this true? Let me talk to you.

I have lived here before, the days of ice,
And, of course this is why I’m so concerned,
And I come back to find the stars misplaced
and the smell of a world that has burned.

The smell of a world that has burned.

Well, maybee, maybe it’s just a change of climate.
I can dig it, I can dig it baby, I just want to see.
So where do I purchase my ticket,
I would just like to have a ringside seat,
I want to know about the new Mother Earth,
I want to see and hear everything,
I want to see and hear everything,
I want to see and hear everything.
Aw, shucks,
If my daddy could see me now.

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2 Responses to Up From the Skies

  1. coyotero2112 says:

    That Earth awareness was seen as a bunch of hippie drug-induced, business-cramping, gibberish. Too bad. The language is so dated, but you’re right…the message is there. Went to Jimi’s father Al’s house for a party a few years back. Family squabbles over residual moneys rather than keeping his message in the public view. Didn’t like them much. Thanks for the post on a talent all but a few see as archaic as flintlocks.

    • masqua says:

      Worshiping the Golden Calf is all the rage these days, isn’t it? I’m not surprised about the money squabbling.

      Hendrix will always be relevant to me. I still have most of his work on vinyl and I treasure those albums. Each is still in excellent shape.

      Earth awareness is still dismissed in the same way today, proving that the interest of the corporate bottom line trumps science, no matter how dire it could be.

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