The Livery in Goderich

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Goderich is a picturesque town in Southwestern Ontario and a place I often visit for its scenery. In 2011, it was hit with an F3 tornado which tore through the downtown. Above is the old livery stables that served horse and carriage back in those days when cars must have been quite ‘newfangled’. I took this picture because, even though I’d always admired the building, it never really registered until I found out it had been renovated into an arts and culture facility. This relevation came to me because Jadea Kelly, one of my favourite songsters, recently put on a concert there. Here is her website:

I visited Goderich again just yesterday and was surprised by the amount of rebuilding that had taken place. Entire blocks of new houses sprouted along the path of the tornado but it was the downtown section which truly shows one miraculous old art deco building that withstood the worst of the storm… the county courthouse.


All around the courthouse, which stands in the center of a circular plaza, there is construction. All the trees, which made the area parklike, had been destroyed.


New mature trees are being planted around the courthouse after the topsoil had been completely removed.

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3 Responses to The Livery in Goderich

  1. I still miss the trees.

  2. Geo Sans says:

    it does looks

    so different from my only visit

    back in 98

  3. enmanscamera says:

    Great series..and thanks for the information.

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