Life of Stone


Ode to Charles Hapgood

In a thousand years I will be silt, hardening by water pressure at the bottom of the deeps.

In a million years I will become vast bedrock, sleeping within the earth’s crust.

In a billion years I will rise from the waters, to be broken upon Nature’s restless turnings.

In a trillion years I will die once again, to be reborn in a new universe.

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5 Responses to Life of Stone

  1. atlanticcus says:

    We all started as minerals :)))) or maybe even something smaller like a cell?

    • masqua says:

      We, and everything else in existence, are the stuff of stars… atoms and particles smaller than we can ever imagine.

      From the beginning of this universe until it’s end, the ‘stuff’ will remain in one form or another and then it will all begin again… like the beating of a heart.

      • atlanticcus says:

        Well this is one thing I dont understand…. beginning again…. You cannot get back in evolution just like that. Oh God I dont even want to think about it… it makes me depressed to suffer forever is painful.

  2. masqua says:

    Just as this universe, with all of its galaxies and stars, had a beginning, it will also have an ending which will then become another beginning. Quantum physics is a marvelous thing, promising not only one, but multiple universes to be existing concurrently. Wrapping one’s head around that truly is daunting.

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