Ice Storm


On the morning of April 12, we woke up to an amazing sight; our little piece of the world had changed dramatically. The temperature outside was about 0 Cels and a misty, drizzly rain was falling, coating everything in thick ice.


The power, of course, was out since 4:30 AM and the first item on the agenda was candles to provide light in every room of the house. Second was finding the little wind-up Grundig radio so that we could listen to the local news. That news was not good at all. Branches and even entire trees had fallen on hydro wires over a wide swath of South Western Ontario.


For us, power remained off three days and a state of emergency was declared for the area. Travel was ill-advised, but a route remained open to a small city 30 minutes from home and this is where we ate daily.

We were fortunate, though, in that our water heater and fireplace is gas. Hot water and a warm house made things reasonably comfortable while a cell phone kept us in contact with the rest of the extended family (which is so important, I can’t even begin to stress the fact).

Last night we finally got our power back in time to watch the third episode of my favourite show, Game of Thrones and this morning everything is normal again.

There is a lesson to be learned out of the experience:

We are far too dependent on something which may be lost indefinitely and we should all be prepared for that. Our survival, in the most dire circumstances, depends on that.


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10 Responses to Ice Storm

  1. simonhlilly says:

    The thin thin thawing ice of civilisation!

  2. slurryart says:

    The ice is beautiful, especially if the sun sneaks out from behind a cloud for a bit. I guess there’s always a cost for beauty… I’m glad you’re well and have power back.

    • masqua says:

      Thanks. The weather wasn’t very good for photography until this morning when the sun finally came through heavy clouds, but I’m not complaining. If there’s one thing this countryside needed badly, it was lots of precipitation. Rivers are being cleaned with the great rush of spring run-off. There’s always silver linings.

  3. We got wet heavy snow yesterday. I am ready for spring.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the words to accompany them! I hope that spring arrives soon!

  5. reemasathe says:

    Though covered with snow the trees look beautiful!

  6. windhound says:

    You had your very own Game of Thrones “Winter is coming” experience! This combination of grey sky snow and frost has also been hapening in the Netherlands.As you say the lack of open sky and sunshine does take away a bit from the beauty of the ice. We are experiencing a one day spring two days winter effect at this moment but gradually leaves are appearing. I planted potatoes this week and told them with all the greatest respect to get on with it – lets hope they are able to respond positively.

    • masqua says:

      Potatoes are a determined bunch and will sprout every spring regardless of any political machinations. It seems they just don’t care about such things. Viva potato autonomy. By the way, have you ever noticed the sheer variety in potatoes? True multiculturism IF they can get along.

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