The Canadian Library of Parliament and Kevin Page


Quite a pile, isn’t it?

Well… it’s a newsworthy place these days. You see, our current political party in power decided it would be a great idea to have someone talented in book keeping to study how the tax dollars are spent, so they legislated an office for this. He would work hand in hand with the office of the Secretary of the Parliamentary Library. The man they picked as ‘Parliamentary Budget Officer’ was Kevin Page and, oh, boy, did that ever go sour in a hurry.

The problem was that Kevin Page took his job seriously and then, horror of horrors, he didn’t shy away from releasing his findings to the media:

This didn’t sit well with the government

    at all

because Mr Page was just too darn good at his job and consistently showed that the government was lowballing the cost of various programs, like the purchase of F-35’s (among other expenditures). They hated him, trashed his findings and berated him for exceeding his mandate. The sad part about all that was that Kevin Page was consistently right.

His service to taxpayers has been awesome, to say the least:

Now Kevin Page is out of a job and everyone is wondering who will be filling that role next. Will that person be more ‘convenient’?

Thank you, Kevin… I, for one, won’t forget you.

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2 Responses to The Canadian Library of Parliament and Kevin Page

  1. elmediat says:

    Did you know that Harper’s guys won’t use the Parliamentary Library if they can avoid it. That way no one else can check their sources and double check their facts. They get their information elsewhere so that they do not leave an easy paper trail.

    • masqua says:

      Yeah… and they made the Librarian the temporary PBO until *gasp* they can find someone more willing to heel.

      I bet it all fades to black until 2015.

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