Ancient Tree

(1200×900 – click to expand and explore)

Even toward the end of its own lengthy life, this aging tree remains home to hundreds of other life forms. What an admirable quality…

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8 Responses to Ancient Tree

  1. Wonderful blog post! I too am fascinated by the functionality of this cellulose husk, which supports a whole community of life before it passes fully through the carbon cycle to join countless other creatures decaying in the duff. In life and death, everything is connected and has a role to play on this earth. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. As soon as I saw this image, I saw a face in the lower part of the trunk with a very interesting stare towards the smaller green tree next to it. Can’t explain it well I suppose. Maybe it’s just me.

  3. T.V.Bagwell says:

    Reblogged this on T.V.Bagwell and commented:
    Just beautiful!

  4. icelandpenny says:

    This tree is wonderful. To scroll these photos is to scroll a record of Canada…

  5. These are lovely photos!! Thanks for following my journey, I will be looking out for your next post.

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