Project Pointillism Pareidolia – Skyfall


At this stage (which will take a long time to do) I’m defining the background area where a blue sky will be. The objective here is to not put more colour into the white spaces, but, with blue paint, to join any dots that are already close together without completely covering any of them. This will give the work a nice overall patina.

A closeup:

The sky will cover approximately 6″ of the top in order to be in line with the Golden Ratio and gradually become a lighter blue the closer it comes to the intended horizon. Below that will be various shades of green to indicate an area which is forest and field.

What’s important is to pronounce as many of the open white spaces as possible, because that is where I’m hoping to use the effects of pareidolia.

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9 Responses to Project Pointillism Pareidolia – Skyfall

  1. These are very intriguing! How do you create these pieces? On computer?

  2. Looks lovely, amazing you have done this with a toothpick, such patience!

    • masqua says:

      I enjoy tedious things to such a degree that my wife thinks I must have been a watchmaker in a past life.
      Not sure it has as much to do with patience as persistence.

      A great advantage of using the toothpick is that you never need to clean it… just wipe it on a cloth.

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