Wordless Wednesday


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6 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. What a cutie patootie! Who is this handsome devil?

  2. ericaatje says:

    At least the sun is shining! Can’t say that in Holland… 😉

    • masqua says:

      Believe in the tenacity of the Canadian winter, ericaatje. Outside my window all is white and it is snowing with a temperature of -10 C. That photo was taken in the early summer.

      I still remember the winters of my early childhood in Holland with pleasure. Skating on a frozen pond in Meerkerk, the little hut where hot chocolate was sold and the leather straps by which the blades were lashed to my shoes.

      That was around 1953 or 4, prior to moving to Canada where the icy grip is constant from December to April.

      • ericaatje says:

        You lived in Holland. How nice to talk to you!
        Then the winters are worse over there in Canada! And we thought it was bad over here.
        Well, because of this everlasting winter right now over here, I believe in getting a great summer for once… At least that’s what I hope for. The last few summers haven’t been very nice and warm, so it would be a pleasant change when summer will be like the summers I used to know…

  3. masqua says:

    I hope your summer is as warm and pleasant as ours is forecast to be once this unpleasant and lengthy winter finally meets its demise.

    Living in Ontario’s farmland, an area which has many Dutch families doing very well indeed, I’m constantly reminded of life in Holland, even though, with the exception of a little travel, I’ve not much direct contact anymore. There are also shops here which specifically sell imported Dutch products, so I am able to have my Deventer Koek, appelstroop, various cheeses and sausages.

    Holland is never distant because of that.

    Also, you might be tickled to know that the special relationship between Canada and Holland is as close as it ever was since WWII.

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