American Embassy in Canada


Imposing. Dreary. Dour. Dull.

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18 Responses to American Embassy in Canada

  1. Looks rather prisonesque!

  2. debcorreia says:

    Yep, yep, yep…it screams uninviting, perhaps that is the intent.

  3. Slap a Red Star on it and it would look at home in the old Soviet Union with that style of architecture. 😀

  4. ed Reliuga says:

    As an American citizen, happily living in Canada, I’ve had to go to the American Consulate in Toronto to renew my American passport. The Consulate is a fortress! The glass (?) in the windows is easily four inches thick! . The inspection to enter the building was probably more thorough than a good physical at my yearly visit to the doctor. I can only imagine what the Embassy must be like. And then, consider that the embassy is in Canada……imagine the security at the US embassy in Russia or China.


  5. atlanticcus says:

    I dont know why but when Ive seen documentaries from Canada I was kind off surprised how strange architecture that country has. I am not saying that where I am coming from is better but hey Canada is a rich country right? When you see documentaries from US and Canada you immediately see the difference in taste…. Not saying Americans have an amazing taste but Canada is something really awkward regarding architecture. Kind of bulky and dark and having strange shapes and just not very elegant and positive. Maybe time to make some change?

    • masqua says:

      Have to agree with you on that. Canada is trying, though, if you look at the modern architecture here. In Canada, the old buildings reminisce on English styles while America was bent on Rome.

      • atlanticcus says:

        Thats actually what I dont understand. Canada doesnt remind me of England at all. They have completely different style and architecture. I am sorry to say that but Canada regarding architecture is totally awkward and shapeless. But I would say something similar about Switzerland for example Geneva is such a overrated Posh city yet the architecture is really one of the worst Ive seen…It looks like a small Eastern European town. However at least Canadian houses and flats look much bigger than in UK and the rest of the Europe and that is a big plus. Id rather live in Canada and have my space than to live in those super small overpriced dirty English flats with carpets uuuhhh.

  6. atlanticcus says:

    Omggg sorry for my mistakes haha :))))

  7. I mean, how many people do they have working there? Seems an awfully huge building. What’s going on in there? Lol. Sorry, I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

  8. Mike says:

    What an ugly building.

  9. I see perhaps some symbolism with the architectural style?

    • masqua says:

      Yeah, Johhny… I was kinda reminded of a stealth frigate by that big bump on the roof. 😉

      Good to see you on my blog. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. bluebrightly says:

    That was my reaction to Washington, DC, when I first visited as an adult.

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