Don Valley Brickworks – Toronto (Evergreen Project)


This image shows the area from which the material to make bricks for the building of Toronto was taken. Operating for almost 100 years, it closed in the 1980’s and became a heritage site. In 1996, it opened as a recreational park.

For more on that, click:

This is a painting of the quarry during its heyday:

The geography of the Don River Watershed covers 360 square kilometers through the city and is a floodplain.

The old brickworks:

The kilns:

The graffiti which collected over the decades that it stood empty and unused was saved by Evergreen and still decorates the old buildings. Since it has reopened, new additions have been actively promoted:

Some of the machinery has been left in place… Ultra Steam Punk:

Some overview photographs of the area Torontonians are increasingly accepting as a favoured place to spend a Sunday afternoon:


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8 Responses to Don Valley Brickworks – Toronto (Evergreen Project)

  1. Jesse F. says:

    Thankfully I stumbled upon this wonderful post, i hadn’t known there as a skating rink tucked away… Something for next year!

    Cheers, Jesse

    • masqua says:

      Yes… it will have to be next year. The skating rink was closed for the season last night.

      This was my second visit to the Brickworks and I was intelligent enough to bring my camera this time. 😀

  2. Geo Sans says:

    wow, what a find !

  3. Glad this is being rescued. It was a complete mess when I lived in downtown Toronto, and from time to time walked through the much trashed Don Valley, wondering how a “world-class” city could allow such deterioration and neglect.

  4. araneus1 says:

    I grew up in Preston which is a suburb of Melbourne in Aus. We were surrounded by brick works and potteries which are all (bar one) gone now. The quarries became rubbish tips and when full became parks. If you live long enough you get to see these things play out, but you don’t think much about it while it is happening. Cool shots.

  5. dbubble12 says:

    Beautiful photos! I love how you are choosing, historical, off the beaten path locations around your city. When I travel these are the types of places I’d rather see than the ones in brochures. Thank you for stopping by bubblemomentpages.

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