Witchfire – In Situ


Busy looking little workbench, isn’t it?

I enjoy standing at it, though, even if it does look a bit like a pulpit.

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12 Responses to Witchfire – In Situ

  1. simonhlilly says:

    Wondered how “Irmansul” was getting on!

    • masqua says:

      Glad you noticed. 😀 There’s still a pile of details I want to put in and then there’s work on the border, but, yes, it is starting to look a little better every day.

  2. I read your “About” page, Antonie. The first painting you posted (of your wife) is beautiful (love the eyes! THANKS for visiting my “pun-ny” photoblog and leaving a “like.”
    –John R.: http://TheDailyGraff.com

  3. …love to see a good work bench… can never figure out why everyone else’s always look tidier than mine….

    • masqua says:

      You should see the one I used to have. Talk about a mess. Finally decide to just focus on the work at hand. I had the bench built according to what I thought I’d need… a waist high platform with one large drawer for my paints.

  4. Geo Sans says:

    I love seeing people’s workspaces

    thanks for sharing

  5. I am officially shamed by my messy studio after seeing your tidy workspace. I’m going to clean my studio today!!

    • masqua says:

      There’s one thing to remember if you go ahead with shuffling around the space where you create. Make sure you have room for those activities you love.

      I decided I was going to focus on smallish birch panels and the desk was designed specifically for that alone. If I want to go bigger, I’ll need to use the easel and that doesn’t work well when making fast strokes because of what crime scene investigators call ‘splatter patterns’ on the floor. 😀

  6. Emily says:

    Gorgeous! I’m in the middle of renovations right now, so my workspace has dwindled to a small, cramped corner of a desk piled high with school papers. Not ideal. Love what you’re doing here! Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

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