Pert asks; “What?”


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6 Responses to Pert asks; “What?”

  1. twoscamps says:

    He’s beautiful!

    • masqua says:

      Yes… he was. I loved that wonderful cat with all I had in me. There have been lots of cats in my life, but this fellow knew how to talk to me with his eyes. He was special and will never be forgotten. Damned if my eyes aren’t filling.

      • twoscamps says:

        Oh my gosh my eyes fill too. He lived a good life with you I’m sure.

      • masqua says:

        Yes… he had a good life with us. We adopted him after he’d been found as a stray and lived part of a loving family, but liver cancer finally took him away. I’m just glad he never suffered, but that last trip to the vet took a huge toll on me. That was a long time ago, but the loss still hurts.

      • twoscamps says:

        I understand.

  2. So cuuuute! Fluffy with claws. 🙂

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