Lonely Church

Perth County church

Old Presbyterian church standing forlorn and forgotten in Perth County, Ontario.

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4 Responses to Lonely Church

  1. Alone, only for a moment. it looks to be in quite good repair with trimmed grass and smooth gravel access. In fact it look Presbyterian.

    • masqua says:

      It is in good repair, but stands quietly alone at a country crossing. Two gravel roads mark the spot and the only activity is the maintenance crew. The roof has been replaced, plus the windows are all intact, but I doubt a sermon has been delivered in many years. I intend to go back once again with my new camera and get some better shots than what my old ‘point and shoot’ Fuji was capable of.

      I don’t what it is that attracts me to this building, but perhaps there’s a painting which needs to be done.

      • With those window and no shade i imagine the interior has some intriguing lights and shadows and colors and hints of local history. From your photo’s angle there is no path to the door. That does belie the upkeep. Wonder if there is a good organ? I used to (in another life within this life) play the piano and/or organ in unoccupied churches. Or they seemed unoccupied.

  2. masqua says:

    I hope to find out who has the keys. The windows really are fascinating. The photo doesn’t show it, but there are some intriguing designs on them. Very symbolic, of course, but at least one which surprised me. Perhaps this summer…

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