Seven Turns In and Seven out Again

One of the worlds oldest symbols.

One of the worlds oldest symbols.

This basic labyrinth symbol is known throughout the world; cut into stone at Tintagel, the pathway up and down Glastonbury Tor, embossed on coins from ancient Crete and even used in Hopi designs. It has represented the maze legend of Theseus and the Minotaur at Knossos (where seven boys and seven virgins were sacrificed every nine years). Wherever it is found, the basic meaning is always the same… it is the journey of life.

Trace the golden trail with your feet or mind and see how, in the beginning, we travel first towards the center and then wind up again near the furthest edge? This indicates that no great truth is simply found. To think we have the answer immediately is usually followed by the realization that there are ‘unforeseen complications’. It is not until the third complete turn around the center that we finally get ‘closer to the Truth’.

Four more times around the circle finally brings us to the center after completing the cycle of seven… and then we must return again by the same circuitous route.

So… how does this symbolize life? In my own interpretation, I prefer to see it in Sevens. Ages 1-7 are infants while ages 7-14 are formative to adulthood. These are the first two circles traveled on the labyrinthine path and circle the outermost reaches away from Truth.

Ages 14-21 finally begin to learn from the lessons life has to offer and, as ages 21-28 commence, we are now adults aware of the complexity of life. Circling ever closer to the Truth, we go through ages 28-35, 35-42 and finally, at the end of 42-49, we may perhaps learn the great Truth life has to offer. It is then our duty to pass as much information on to others who are on the inward path, preparing them for their own possible enlightenment.

That is how I personally understand the meaning of the labyrinth. However, if you were to look at my previous post on this blog, forty-nine is obviously a very important number in the Mysteries.

What is the ‘Great truth’ that we are hoping to learn? That is why we are here; to find out. You see, the ‘Meaning of Life’ is not really 42, as the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe’ playfully pointed out. That is just when you might become aware of the elusive answer.

It’s always best to listen to what the Elders are saying while we grow up. It might help us understand when we reach 49. šŸ˜€

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2 Responses to Seven Turns In and Seven out Again

  1. Judy says:

    I really like many of these world art design paintings you have done..have scrolled through many of them here. I also do love your MASQUA signature. I like it!

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