Log Slide

Picture 063

There’s a story here, but it belongs in an era now long gone.

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6 Responses to Log Slide

    • quhkah says:

      i’m thinking about it… maybe each of us can create its own story?

    • masqua says:

      It is exactly what the title signifies. In the turning of of the last century, logging was done mostly around the pristine lakes and rivers of northern Ontario. They were cut and dropped into the waters and floated to mills using rivers.

      Huge log jams would accumulate at points such as this and they were individually guided through the slide one at a time.

      Today, we actually have tree ‘farms’ where thousands of acres of trees are planted, allowed to mature and then harvested. B.G Eddy is one company that uses this method. University students are then hired to replant the fields. My son met his bride as a tree planter in Northern Ontario.

  1. This is really fascinating. (But I would so bring a floaty and try to ride it.)

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