How Literature Affects My Art


I’m a C.G. Jung junky… there’s no doubt. Much of what he has written holds my interest for decades and I believe it will continue to do so throughout my entire life.

The Tibetan Book of the dead is not so much about being dead as it is on how to live your life so that being dead won’t be such a terrible trial for your soul. Jung held the book to be his constant companion in his search for the truth about human consciousness. Far be it for me to discount either sources.

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8 Responses to How Literature Affects My Art

  1. katmcdaniel says:

    I’m a Jung junkie too! Enough of what he says makes sense to me to make me want to decipher the rest. It’s nice to know there are more Jungians out there. Thank you!


  2. masqua says:

    I’m of the opinion that Jung has, so far, not received the attention he truly deserved. The focus on psychology has unfortunately remained on Freud who, imho, never was able to accept anything beyond early sexuality as an influence to psychological trauma. At least Jung has proved our entire lives are prone to it.

    To make matters even worse, the bright light of the Jungian process has been eclipsed by the money hungry duo of psychiatry and big pharma.

    Oh… don’t get me going LO

  3. simonhlilly says:

    I agree with you on the worth of Jung. I think his ideas are too scary, the consequences of accepting the power of the mind, too far reaching for the status quo of Western dogma to seriously consider. What a strange and wonderful place the world would be now had Jung and Tesla not been sidelined!….

  4. I’ve been re-reading Dreams, Memories and Reflections. Great book. Helps me to make sense of some of my own experiences in the intermediate world/bardo of dreams. Also, Psychology and Alchemy is a wonderful inspiration. For me, study of Tibetan Book of the Dead is essential for life and death.

    • masqua says:

      That’s great to hear. I’ve worn out one old copy and already re-read a recently purchased new edition. Memories, Dreams and Reflections is the best way for anyone to get introduced to Jung’s huge collection of writings and I’d advise anyone interested to read that before diving into his many other works. I also have Psychology and Alchemy on my shelf along with many others. Two little volumes that I think equally important to new readers are ‘Man and his Symbols’ and ‘Modern Man in Search of a Soul’.

      Last summer, I bought the first American edition of ‘The Red Book’ and all I can say about it is that everything I’ve learned about Jung pales in comparison.

      I’ll be posting a photograph of that volume soon.

  5. Geo Sans says:

    I’ve always be interested in Jung

    after being introduced to concepts

    from Robertson’s Davies “Fifth Business”


    I’ve never read his books

    but have always wanted to

    note: library visit soon


    I saw a documentary

    during the weekend

    called the Quantam Activist

    and they mentioned the

    Tibetan Book of The Dead


    another library note …

    • masqua says:

      Get Jung’s ‘Memories, Dreams and Reflections’. If there’s anything in that little book which manages to fire your imagination, you’ll be away on an reading adventure you’d never expect in this lifetime.

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