C.G. Jung – The Red Book


As I stated in my previous post, I find the work of CG Jung intensely edifying and important to my own artistic path. That Jung painted was not unknown to me, as his mandalas and other iconic works were spread throughout his literature.

What a wonderful experience it was with the purchase of his famous Red Book. Jung didn’t like being called an artist. For him, it was description only… ‘clumsy’ attempts at condensing an idea of a thousand words into a picture. Hah.

The book is huge… even as a ‘coffee table’ item and this is why I included the metal ruler in the photo. The interesting thing is that it was important that it be huge, if only to capture the tiniest details so painstakenly worked into the fabric of his calligraphy and painting.

Yes… it’s an expensive book and one you’d be hard pressed to find at even great libraries and that is a shame. It deserves to be enjoyed by all. However, many who are not familiar with Jung’s journey over his lifetime would have their eyes glaze over reading the translation, which takes up half the (nearly) 700 pages of this expansive tome.

But I’m glad to have bought it.

Jung worked on this volume for most of his life and it shows. He’d demanded that it not be published until after his death, if ever, but here it is in all its glory.

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8 Responses to C.G. Jung – The Red Book

  1. Kim Upton says:

    Such a wonderful book…good purchase. 🙂

  2. Geo Sans says:

    the image is beautifully captivating
    and expressive


    I’d love to see/read it one day

  3. Where would you suggesting beginning with Jung? “Man and His Symbols?” I have read a book or two of his before but not that one. Just interested to hear your thoughts.

    • masqua says:

      I will always suggest Memories, Dreams and Reflections as the first book to read. The biography encompasses his entire life, from his earliest childhood years to those related with his final years. Everything is encapsulated within those pages and, even if there is only one topic which might ignite a synapse within your mind, a path has been illuminated for you to follow.

  4. fallenAngel says:

    my favorite picture in the red book

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