Nazca Sorcerer – 2

Nazca Sorcerer - 2

(reposted – smaller file)

The painting is based on an actual pictograph from pre-contact Peru. The image shows an unfortunate person being taken by a crocodile… but that is not quite the truth. What’s really happening is that the victim has been afflicted by an illness but that the crocodile is actually a malevolent shaman. The surface of the water is a veil between the underworld where spirits reign and the normal world of our senses.

The victims may recover, but will be pressed for whatever they may have ‘seen’ during his or her illness. People who experience hallucinations during such times are believed to have valuable knowledge of past, present and future events because of their time in the ‘spiritual realm’.

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6 Responses to Nazca Sorcerer – 2

  1. Know-All says:

    interesting story!

  2. julzH says:

    Interesting! Have you read this:
    on Freshly Pressed today? … On hallucinations.

  3. masqua says:

    Thank you for linking that article, julzH. It is directly connected and as great a mystery for humankind as is our tendency toward creativity. Philosophy, theology and anthropology, in my simple mind, are all the same thing and inseparable one from the other; within that sphere of study, mysteries abound.

    Excellent article to read with my morning coffee before the light of day spoils the grandeur of dark mystery.

  4. Anna says:

    …lapping it up!

  5. Gecko says:

    I like it. I have a dark morbid sense of humor, so of course I like it.

  6. Geo Sans says:

    startling story and image

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