Project Urns – January 29

Project Urns

Close to the finish line… just some details still pending. Overall, I like the composition.

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6 Responses to Project Urns – January 29

  1. I think I like this one best of what you have posted so far.

  2. Know-All says:

    wow!! looks fabulous!

  3. susanhay says:

    I love it! You should do more like this!

  4. masqua says:

    Hi Susan. Thanks for stopping by and checking this out. We have a fascination with urns, it seems. 😉

    The next posting on this series will be the final finished painting. I hope you liked the different designs used so far. As for other urn related works… well, I wouldn’t doubt that. I do have three other paintings in the making and one blank clayboard panel waiting for that first scratch/brush stroke, so I think this winter’s activity is pretty much taken up already

  5. masqua says:

    Thanks to Blaine, Know-All and anisjarossi as well. 😀

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