Lake Huron Salmon

Lake Huron Salmon

Self Portrait (the human, not the fish)

Acrylic on masonite 24″x24″ (detail)

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8 Responses to Lake Huron Salmon

  1. Foto Stream says:

    Of course, not the fish !!!

    • masqua says:

      But it is the result of much personal experience which has taught me a valuable lesson. Some fish are very crafty indeed and have earned my respect in that regard. While I may not believe a fish capable of a self-portrait (lacking basic tools, etc.), it is still my suspicion that nothing, in this wide universe, is completely impossible.

      • Foto Stream says:

        When a angler caught big game, there are times when he takes a memorial picture along with the fish. Exactly, this picture is similar to that situation. The focus is devoted to the fish. It is certain that the fish is big. The main character of this picture is the fish, and the picture title is Lake Huron Salmon. But the caption is Self Portrait…
        Thank you for your reply.

      • masqua says:

        The fish also has the best detailing because he is indeed memorable. It was an extended exercise to bring him into the boat. He tried everything to thwart the final outcome, including swimming fast toward the boat and then quickly reversing, hoping to snap the light line. He also went underneath the boat in an attempt to cut the line on the propeller. The problem for Mr. Salmon was that I knew all those tricks and acted accordingly by either slacking off tension on the level wind reel or dipping the rod as far into the water as I could.

        He also won me a prize in a fishing derby that day.

        That was more than 12 years ago and I have since stopped fishing entirely, selling my boat and only keeping tackle I could not part with just in case I ever do go out again.

        The fishing on Lake Huron began to decline for a number of reasons not unrelated to the impact of climate change and the invasion of foreign species from inconsiderate shipping practices (ie. Zebra Mussels, etc.) That spoiled it for me and I could no longer fish with my conscience intact.

        Fish are now safe from my expertise.

  2. Foto Stream says:

    This article reminded me of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.
    We must halt the destruction of the natural environment.

    • masqua says:

      To not work towards a measure of sustainability will be our eventual downfall, whether it is fish, bees, seed banks, etc.. As a 67 yo, I can attest to the slow degradation over the decades.

  3. Both fine specimens who do their respective species proud.

  4. masqua says:

    Very kind words, hillbillyzen13… thank you

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