Keeping the 88’s Straight

Keeping the 88's Straight

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2 Responses to Keeping the 88’s Straight

  1. I would love to learn more about your inspirations… tell us more! –

    • masqua says:

      OK… I’ll try in regards to this drawing. The ’88’ refers to the piano as there are 88 keys. The two faces in the background, looking so very despondent, point to a society dissatisfied with the world we live in (In 73 when this was drawn, the Vietnam war was still an issue). The face in the foreground has piano keys for teeth. All in all, the drawing is supposed to suggest that, through our music, we are able to make sense of our situation. Think of Country Joe and the Fish as the band.

      Keeping our 88’s straight means to ‘let ‘er rip’… sing your heart out, wear it on your sleeve and don’t hold back how you truly feel about life.

      Basically… that’s it.

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