Acid Dreams

Acid Dreams

I believe I drew this in the 60’s… I can’t remember.

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4 Responses to Acid Dreams

  1. Were it allowed, I would have Liked this one twice. There’s something about his eyes – taking the measure of the viewer with weary resignation.

  2. kty10000 says:

    This is one of the most amazing drawings I have seen in a while its different to your regular drawings that are shown

    • masqua says:

      Over a 5 year period starting in ’66 and ending in ’72, I did a very large series of pen and ink drawings which were in the same vein as this one. However, I destroyed 90% of them in a fit of pique. Someone who still appreciated them took the full garbage bag home with him, so I have no idea how much actually survived my rage that day. What I do still have in my possession, I’ll eventually photograph and post here.

      Thank you for the nice compliment.

  3. There’s that old quote “If you remembered the 60’s you weren’t there.” Love your art, to echo the previous comment, it’s all in the eyes. I sketch on and off, mostly off at the moment because of lack of time.

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