No telling how far into 2013 this piece will take. Baking soda is a wonderful medium for removing extra paint through sanding.

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2 Responses to Process

  1. Looking forward to seeing the final result!

    • masqua says:

      That’s going to take a while. What I’ve gotten done today was getting the right patina I wanted, which took about 2 hours of sanding with various grades. What I’ve got now is a dull but flat surface pitted with a few low spots. After I paint in the details, which will be historical decorative patterns from different eras and cultures, the final polishing will be done with a dry, soft cloth and more baking soda. I discovered how well baking soda works about 20 years ago and use it on a lot of my work now.

      When I’ve a couple of the designs painted on, I’ll post another photo. Look for the ‘Process Category’ on my Home blog page… that’s where it will be added, perhaps tomorrow afternoon (eastern standard time).

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