Bo is resting peacefully on MY chair and there isn’t a darn thing I’m going to do about it. Drawn while sitting on the couch – pencil on paper – 1975

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8 Responses to Bo

  1. He’s beautiful…. looks like a yellow lab I used to have called Jake. Very nice work!

    • masqua says:

      He was a mix between Walker hound and German Shepherd. Got him when he was a pup from a breeder who was raising Walkers, but apparently the neighbours shepherd had an eye for one of his females. The trainer warned me that Walkers are not good family pets. Ha. Bo was an absolute charmer. He had a good life and I’ll never forget him. We could read each other’s minds.

      • It is a special relationship between ourselves and our pets… without them, what kind of quality of life could we have? Bo was certainly a beautiful boy! What a testament of your love for him in your artwork 🙂

      • masqua says:

        Every pet I’ve ever had deserves that and more. They are family, short and to the point. That their lives are shorter than us (with the exception of parrots and turtles) is a shame, but they fill the house with their (much larger than life) presence. Each one was a joy and each one is equally mourned when they pass. If they’re not put into a piece of artwork, they are recorded in the hundreds of family photographs and never fade from our memory. I bet Jake was a charmer too.

      • Jake taught me how to be a better person and to not take life too serious. Live in the here and now, give of yourself without reservation, trust, and laugh… lots of laughter. Yes, they manage to etch themselves into our very souls and when they go across the Rainbow Bridge, a part of us walks over that bridge with them and never comes back.

      • masqua says:

        That part which leaves with them is to be cherished as it will be the lasting connection.

        In my mind, no animal, insect or plant lives beyond the pale (so to speak). Each species is to be respected, even if they are a hunter/gatherer’s prey. Ask any true hunter if they have respect for the animal they killed for food and I believe they will all say they do.

        That some species, like the feline, equine and canine, have become close, like family even, is borne out of mutual benefit, not only for the obvious reasons of ride, bite and ridding our stores of vermin, but also an affection which borders on love.

        But isn’t it a marvel when we go into the wilds and see a grizzly, a rainbow trout or an adult buck trotting with antlers held high? They are all spectacular to me.

  2. thanks for your Like on my recent painting. I like the contented feeling you’ve captured in your dog portrait.

    • masqua says:

      There is no silence warmer than the sound of pencil crayons on paper while Bo quietly whimpered and made little running movements as he dreamed of chasing rabbits.

      Your painting technique is very advanced, Sarah. I’m in awe of your work.

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