New Dawn

A throwback to a much earlier style developed in the early 80's. Acrylic on birch panel - 16x20"

A throwback to a much earlier style developed in the early 80’s. Acrylic on birch panel – 16×20″

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4 Responses to New Dawn

  1. jav3d says:

    Stunning! You have very interesting technique!

    • masqua says:

      The technique is centered on two methods… the first is multiple layers of paint and the second is sanding and polishing. When photographed, the thickness of the applications is rarely visible unless a bright light is set up to one side and the edges become clear. If you look at the painting ‘Two Trees’, then it becomes clearer.

  2. jav3d says:

    Thanks for explaining this. I checked out the “Two Trees” painting. Brilliant work! You’re mixing some texture medium with acrylic or just using some pre-mixed thick paint?

    • masqua says:

      Actually… 🙂 what I do is mix colours out of the tube to the hue I want and then add a few drops of water so that when the thinned paint is applied on a flat surface, it will dry completely flat. I then apply many coats until it has the desired thickness I’m looking for. In ‘Two Trees’, the main work was done first and then sanded/polished, after which I began applying the border maze and corner labyrinths.

      The trick , when using watered down acrylics, is to be very careful not to have tiny bubbles in the mixture, as they will create little craters when dry. Alternatively, getting bubbles into the mix can also have interesting effects. It depends what kind of surface you want. To replicate a stucco wall, for instance, I’d mix talcum powder into watered-down paints. Acrylics and mixed media work really well for me and I’ve done quite a bit of experimentation over the years.

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