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4 Responses to Cosmos

  1. wow! love this one — what is the medium? very different from the tribal motifs used in some of your other work. thanks for liking my work. 🙂

  2. masqua says:

    Most everything I’ve done is acrylics. I did use oils in my earliest work, but that medium did not work well with my sinus, so I ditched it. I liked your work a lot in that it is so free… something I value a great deal. I have a set of french curves in a drawer which I’ve been intending to use for very much a similar set of projects.

  3. jav3d says:

    Wow! This one is amazing! Reminds of Seurat’s pointilism 🙂

  4. masqua says:

    For a more detailed look at 10,000 dots, have a look at ‘Oobe’ in the Shamanism category off my home page. I love doing pointellism and, yes, Seurat was my inspiration for going that route. Often, I use a tootpick to apply watered down paints.

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