14×18″ Acrylic on wood panel

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Perfection in the Morning


Love to see these happy faces with my morning coffee.

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A Terrible Decision by the Bureau of Land Management

Breaking News: BLM’s Wild Horse Advisory Board Just Voted To Kill All 44,000 Captive Wild Horses In Holding

If this goes through and the wild mustangs are all ‘euthanized’ (quaint term), I will be disgusted. Why were they rounded up in the first place? Did it have anything to do with the Keystone Pipeline that hasn’t got off the ground?

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My All-Time favourites. Can anyone tell me what they are?

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Jupiter-ish Sky


Looking for the ‘Great Eye of Jupiter’, but I can’t see it anywhere.

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The Strumbellas

Another ‘Gun’ theme to add to the previous post on the Lumineers. Both albums are worthy of collecting.

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The Lumineers

A few weeks ago, I bought the Cleopatra album by The Lumineers. While Ophelia, the second cut, is truly an ear worm, for some unknown reason I cannot justify, the 4th cut, Gun Song, has me hooked. This is great band, one we all need to enjoy.

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