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An Attempt at Writing a Short Story

This was written back in ’06, but remains a serious try at penning something worthwhile. I hope some will take the time to read it and comment. Included above is a photo which might somehow set the stage. Counting the … Continue reading

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Jadea Kelly – Clover

(listen to her new album: link below) Jadea Kelly is a singer-songwriter I admire. Here she is with Justin Ruppel, a drummer who played in the band when I first heard Jadea sing a couple of years ago. It isn’t … Continue reading

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Under Penalty of the Law

(click to expand) A sign that both pleases and frustrates me at the same time. I would love to explore these wild areas without getting shot at, but also, it’s good to know nothing else is getting shot either.

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Celebrating Earth Day

(click to enlarge) The sun is shining and a cold, but brilliant day awaits. There’s no sense in wasting any more time; we are heading out (with my camera) to take in the presents spring is offering up to us. … Continue reading

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Spread the News – Nature is Unstoppable.

Ask the Mayans How a thousand years May cover temples With Nature’s Glory

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Between earth and sky we exist: A thin veneer as lichen on stone.

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Earth Day


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Sweetgrass I stand with all those affected the world over, either physically, emotionally or both, and deny the responsible person(s) of yesterdays bombing any thought whatsoever; other than a desire for swift discovery and justice. There is only sadness in … Continue reading

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The Canadian Peace Tower Carillon

A bit of Canadiana for you… here is the Canadian Parliament playing Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter on the Peace Tower Carillon. :D

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The Canadian Library of Parliament and Kevin Page

Quite a pile, isn’t it? Well… it’s a newsworthy place these days. You see, our current political party in power decided it would be a great idea to have someone talented in book keeping to study how the tax dollars … Continue reading

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