Acrylic on birch panel – 20×16″

Sticking with the minimalist idea, I tried to evoke a mysterious visitor.

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anatomy of films


Yup… pretty well explains why people get glassy-eyed in theatres.

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anatomy of films

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WWI Impressions


16×20″ – acrylics on birch panel

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WWI Impressions – under construction


Adding the colours of uniforms on either side and among the lines of the trenches. Long way to go on this one yet and I have to admit that I’m not enjoying this piece half as much as the Particle Collision series that preceded it. Too much baggage, I suppose.

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The Selfies Series – Early Years


Think my eyes were big enough for my head?

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Not familiar with this species and its web is nothing I’ve ever seen before either… so haphazard and without that normal spiderweb design.

Anyone give me an idea of what the name of this spider would be?

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Interview with Gwynne Dyer – Journalist and Military Historian on Canada in WWI

Running counter to the standard way we romanticize those caught up in conflict, Gwynne Dyer lays it out in much the way I also see it… a useless waste of a generation over nothing but political bombast and nationalistic preening. I know it’s 20 minutes long, but well worth the listen.

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