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Wordless Wednesday


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16″x16″ acrylic on wood panel Photographed with natural north light on a partially cloudy day. (some work still required, but almost finished)

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Tim Schmalz’s Jesus sculpture.

“TORONTO — A southern Ontario artist says he’s “very, very happy” that his homeless Jesus sculpture is being used to help the most marginalized people in society. Tim Schmalz’s sculpture depicting a homeless Jesus sleeping under a blanket on a … Continue reading

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A patio door decided to fragment itself into a thousand pieces, but still retain some semblance of cohesiveness after a very, very careful application of masking tape, scotch tape, plastic and electricians tape. Waiting now for a replacement glass. Treading … Continue reading

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Cold Comfort


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A cold sunrise. The nest above the old windmill is likely that of an Osprey, but I’m not sure of that yet as I’ve just discovered it. There is, however, a large lake not much more than a mile from … Continue reading

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Polychrome 1 – done

(12×12″ acrylics on wood panel) I’m still a little unsatisfied by how this piece turned out, but rather than try to fix what I don’t seem to understand very well, I’m calling this one done. Better to quit while it … Continue reading

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